Back-to-School Video: Organizing School Papers

How to Organize School Papers (video) on Modern SimplicityWe went back to school this week… and not a moment too soon! The influx of papers has already started, so I wanted to share with you this video I made with on how to organize school papers. My school papers basket is all nice and set up in my kitchen command center area, just waiting to be filled to the brim with school assignments and paperwork. Happy Back-to-School Season!

How to Organize School Papers — powered by ehow

Creating a Family Command Center to Stay Organized

Creating a Family Command Center to Stay Organized on Modern SimplicityRunning a household can be messy, especially when it comes to schedules, mail, meals and paper clutter. Creating a family command center can greatly simplify the chaos that comes with running a home. In the new Back-to-School issue of Green Child Magazine, I’ve offered an easy four-step process for creating your own custom command center to fit your family’s needs.

In the photo above, you can sneak a peek at my command center, a tiny corner tucked next to the fridge. Here’s what my command center contains:

  • Wall calendar hung from a magnetic basket that holds pens, sticky notepads, tape and other small supplies
  • Scripture of the Month for the kids to learn
  • Dry erase board made from a regular black photo frame with a neutral fabric backing — I use this to jot down the weekly meal plan or groceries to add to the shopping list
  • Framed chore chart — I use a dry erase marker to mark off chores as they are completed.
  • 3-tiered mail organizer for sorting bills to pay, invitations to add to the calendar and papers that need to be filed. You can make your own mail organizer using the instructions in this post.
  • School basket for sorting the boys’ school papers, assignments they bring home, calendars, newsletters, etc. During the school year, I clean out those old assignments weekly.

Check out Green Child Magazine for free right here. I would LOVE to see photos of your command centers. Join me on Modern Simplicity’s Facebook page and share a quick pic of your command center!