More Cash, Less Crap: The October Challenge

Autumn is creeping up on us here in Texas, and it feels like my house is just way too crowded right now to be inside all the time. Seriously, there are entire ROOMS I’m avoiding just because I feel like I’m suffocating in clutter. I can’t stand it anymore. Thankfully, Ruth over at Living Well, Spending Less is having another 31-day challenge, and I’m planning to jump on the bandwagon. I hope you’ll join me.

For the 31 days of October, Ruth’s Clutter-Free Life challenge is focusing on going clutter-free with daily assignments that cover the whole house. It’s exactly what I need, so I’m going to be following her assignments as well as offering you some of my own tips and tricks as I work my way through my home. I’m also going to try to remember to capture my progress on my new Instagram account, so follow me to see the chaos return to calm!

In addition to going clutter-free, I’m doing a 31-day no-spend challenge in October as well. Taking a spending sabbatical goes so well with decluttering, because it’s a perfect opportunity to take a step back and not buy anything new so you can focus on curating, maintaining and organizing what you already have while unloading what you no longer need. My motivation for the no-spend challenge happens to be an upcoming vacation to Disney World, where we’ll need all the spare $$ we can get to enjoy the tasty offerings at the Food and Wine Festival in Epcot ;-)

October is the perfect time for a clutter and money challenge. It’s the fall version of spring cleaning, and it will get us in great shape for the upcoming holiday season.

Here are the guidelines for my personal no-spend challenge. I encourage you to jot down a few of your own guidelines if you want to follow along with me.

  1. No shopping, except for fresh groceries from the grocery store (produce, dairy, whole foods only).
  2. Halloween costumes already acquired, so can buy treats to hand out to trick-or-treaters one day before Halloween so I’m not tempted to nibble them myself.
  3. Gas for the cars, medical expenses and nominal household bills are OK to pay.
  4. Stay out of the restaurants and no drive-thru’s!

Won’t you join me for one month of decluttering and saving?

The October Challenge: More Cash, Less Crap

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